A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Index to:  Travel

air travel:
     airplane/airport Week18
     Honolulu International Airport Week28
     middle seat is best seat Week18
     turbulance, white knuckle flyer Week18
American River Parkway (see Nimbus Fish Hatchery below) Week42

antenna tower Sacramento
antique shops Week52
arches (natural stone) of various size Week24
Arizona (on horizon) Week21
Aussie Akubra (traveling hat) Week17
auto graveyard Week44
backpack, comfort of FlutedRock
backpack, original HUTR2005
badlands Week24
Bandelier National Monument, Week20
Ban Roll-on Building / dome Sacramento
Bay, The Sacramento
Bay Bridge Week51, Emperor Norton Bridge, Emperor Norton-1
Beautiful Valley Week24
Bidahochi TheRez
Big Tomato, The Sacramento
Biz-80 (mentioned) Week52
Black Mesa (on horizon) Week26
blimp Airplane
Bloom County (see also Friends: Berkeley Breathed, Opus) Week12
Blue Canyon StarParty, StarParty2
Bodega Bay (Hitchcock's The Birds) Week15
Bridge, Bay Week51, Emperor Norton Bridge, Emperor Norton-1
Bridge, Tower Sacramento
Buena Vistas, vistas of Week21
cactus/cacti/cactuses/kaktus... Week17
     Admissions Day Week34
     adventure, dobrodruzstvi MotherLoadGold
     Bear Monkey Flag Week34
     beautiful MotherLoadGold
     Capitol Sacramento
     "City of a Few Spires" (Sacramento) Sacramento
      Coloma MotherLoadGold
     Drytown MotherLoadGold
     Gold Rush Sacramento
     Hangtown MotherLoadGold
     map MotherLoadGold
     (mentioned) Week26
     Mother Lode Week52, Sacramento, MotherLoadGold
     (Moutain View, CA) ComputerMuseum
     no snow Week45
     Northern Week11, Sacramento, MotherLoadGold
     Old Dry Diggins’ MotherLoadGold
     placenames MotherLoadGold
     Placerville MotherLoadGold
     canyon (won't tell it's name) MyArch
     Capitol Dome Sacramento
     CASA Don LORENZO StoneHogan
cave dwelling (lacks proper amenities) Week20
Cathedral Sacramento
Central Valley (CA) mentioned Week26, Sacramento
China (mentioned) Week21
China Town (San Francisco) Emperor Norton-1
Chinle, AZ Week24
Chinle formation Week24
Chinle (rug) HUTR2005
City of 100 Spires (Prague) Sacramento
"City of a Few Spires" (Sacramento) Sacramento
cliff dwellings Week25, MyArch
Coit Tower Week51
Coloma, Drytown, Hangtown [a.k.a. Placerville MotherLoadGold
companionship, wealthy MotherLoadGold
Computer History Museum (Moutain View, CA) ComputerMuseum
Continental Divide Week21
Cornfields (mentioned) Week11
cradelboard riding HUTR2005
Crete Week13
Czech Foreign Exchange Student, Karel MotherLoadGold
Czech language MotherLoadGold
     dobrodruzstvi adventure MotherLoadGold
     pivo Week16
     pujcit = borrow, lend, loan MotherLoadGold
     "Vole!" Week47
Darth Vader Building Sacramento
Davis, CA Biography, Week11, Week31
dirigible, endure Airplane
deoderant building Sacramento
Devil's Postpile (linked) FlutedRock
directions to:
     Fluted Rock FlutedRock
     Mickey Mouse Rock Art TheRez
     Monkey's Natural Arch [it's a secret]
     Stone Hogan HUTR2005
dobrodruzstvi adventure MotherLoadGold
Drive-by rock art TheRez
dry heat Sacramento
Drytown MotherLoadGold
Eiffel Tower (menitoned) Week26
Elks Building Sacramento
Emerald Palace Week44
Emperor Norton:
     Emperor Norton Bridge
     Emperor Norton-1,
firehouse Week50, Week51
Fire Station #4 Week50, Week51
First Mesa TheRez
Fish Hatchery (see Nimbus Fish Hatchery below)
Fluted Rock NavaHopi2005, FlutedRock
Folsom Blvd. (mentioned) Week52
Folsom (Old) Week52
Foothills, The Sacramento
forest, urban Sacramento
fossils Week24
Frijoles Canyon Pueblo Week20
Ganado (mentioned) Week11, Week21
     air-tour Week23
     Ganado Falls Week23
     history  Week23
     Native American Arts & Crafts Auction Week32
     Pueblo Colorado Wash Week23
Ganado Mucho's "digs" NavaHopi2005, TheRez
Ganado Pueblo Colorado StoneHogan
gasoline money MotherLoadGold
Georgia (poem mentions) doggerel
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum Week19
gold country MotherLoadGold
grave yard EmperorNortonsGrave
Greasewood TheRez
Hangtown MotherLoadGold
Hard Rock Café, Sydney, Australia (see also secrets) Week15
Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park (mentioned) Week20
Hawaii Week28
heat, dry Sacramento
     Bandelier National Monument Week20
     natural arch, Monkey's MyArch
     Nazlini Wash Week24
     Three Turkey Ruin Canyon Week25, TheRez
     with ice-chest Week20
hitchhiking TheRez
hitchhiking Mickey TheRez
     Bandelier National Monument  Week20
     with ice-chest Week20
hogans Week23, (ruin) Week24
Honolulu Week28
     ceramics Week32
     Corn Dance TheRez
     First (2nd, 3rd) TheRez
     Hummingbird Dance TheRez
     Katsina (dolls) Week22, Week32, TheRez
     Katsina Dance(s) TheRez
     (mentioned) Week17, Week18, NavaHopi2005
     Mesas TheRez
     Mudhead Katsina TheRez
     Ogre Katsina TheRez
     Snowmaiden Katsina TheRez
     Mudheads TheRez
     Navajo Katsina Dance TheRez
     Ogre Katsina TheRez
     Sitsomovi Village TheRez
     Snowmaiden Katsina TheRez
Hubbell Hill  Week23
Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site
     (see also Friends: Hagoh, Ranger Ed, Ranger Hope)
     ambulance wagon from Civil War Week23
     baskets Week22
     "Bull pen" or general store Week22, HUTR2005
     CASA Don LORENZO StoneHogan
     cattle-guard Week21
     chimney StoneHogan
     barnyard equipment Week23
     barrel hiding Week22
     chicken prisoners Week23
     controling invasive weeds Week36
     deer heads Week22
     display cases Week22
     entryway sign Week21
     Fetishes Week22
     fireplace StoneHogan
     Friends of Hubbell Trading Post N.H.S. Week32
     Ganado Falls Week23
     Ganado Pueblo Colorado StoneHogan
     general store (see "Bull pen")
     hogan Week23
     Hubbell Hill  Week23
     inscription over door StoneHogan
     Katsinas Week22
     mantal (fireplace) StoneHogan
     Monkey's favorite N.H.S. Week21
     Native American Arts & Crafts Auction Week32
     niche (in wall) StoneHogan
     "outhouse" Week23
     ox yoke (Trading Post door) Week22
     petrified wood (& bench) Week23, fireplace StoneHogan
     rock, blue Week23
     rug room / rugs Week22, Week32, HUTR2005
     sketch Week23
     Stone Hogan HUTR2005, StoneHogan
     stove riding Week22
     Trader Week22
     visited Week21, June, NavaHopi2005, HUTR2005
     Vistors Center Week22
     wall niche StoneHogan
     Wash Crew Week36
     watering saplings Week36
     resident Weavers Week22, (inferred) Week53
          (see also Friends: Begay, Ranger Ed)
Hwy-15, Hwy-8 TheRez
Hwy-28, Hwy-7 FlutedRock
Hyatt roof Sacramento
I-5 (mentioned) Week52
Institute of American Indian Arts Week19
"It's close to everything." Sacramento
Japan (mentioned) Week45
Japanese (mentioned) Week30
Kalamazoo (mentioned) Week11
Karel, Cz Foreign Exchange Student MotherLoadGold
Karlovy Vary, Czech Rep. Week16
Karlstejn or Karlstein Castle Week29
Katsina Dance(s) [see also Hopi] TheRez
Kauai, Hawaii Week28
Kokopelli Week1, Week24, Week55
Knossos, Crete Week13
Lake Tahoe Week55
language (see specific: computer, Czech, FORTRAN, Navajo, etc.)
Leander & son Austin Week36
lei Week28
London, Piccadilly Circus (Tower Records) Week15
Loretto Chapel Week19
lunch (pay for him) MotherLoadGold
Marin County Civic Center by Frank Lloyd Wright Week6
Mason Dixon Line (mentioned in poem) doggerel
Medicine Man (art) Gallery Week18
Metropolis, IL (mentioned) Week11
Michigan's Upper Peninsula Biography, Week11, ComputerMuseum
Mickey Mouse Rock art NavaHopi2005, TheRez
Middle-America Week21
Monkey's Motto MotherLoadGold
moonscape Week24
Moutain View, CA (Computer History Museum) ComputerMuseum
Mother Lode Week52, Sacramento, MotherLoadGold
Motto, Monkey's MotherLoadGold
Muir Woods Sequoias, Banana Slugs, & Vermilion Caps Week6
Murphysboro, IL (mentioned) Week11
Mudhead Katsina TheRez
Mudheads TheRez
     Computer History ComputerMuseum
     (Ken) Montgomery's Mothballed Microcomputer Museum Week10
     Georgia O'Keeffe Museum Week19
     Roseville Telephone Museum Week56
"My Arch--I Found It!" MyArch
natural arch NavaHopi2005, MyArch
     (see also: Cornfields, Ganado, Hago, Nazlini, Three Turkey Ruin,
          Window Rock)
     "Arch, My--I Found It!" MyArch
     backpack, original HUTR2005
     baskets Week22, Week32
     Bidahochi TheRez
     "blingbling" Week22, Week32
     canyon (won't tell it's name) MyArch
     cattle & sheep "leavings" MyArch
     Chief's Blanket (rug) HUTR2005
     Chinle (rug) HUTR2005
     Code Talkers Week30
     corn (importance of) HUTR2005
     cradelboard HUTR2005
     Eye-Dazzler (rug) HUTR2005
     Fluted Rock FlutedRock
     Ganado Mucho TheRez
     Ganado Pueblo Colorado StoneHogan
     Ganado Red (rug) HUTR2005
     Greasewood TheRez
     headman TheRez, HUTR2005
     headmen HUTR2005
     heros see Code Talkers
      hitchhiking rule TheRez
     hogan Week24
     Hope, Ranger HUTR2005, StoneHogan
     Katsina Dance, Navajo (actually Hopi) TheRez
          see Code Talkers
          Dibé-Diné bí’íína’ Week22
          Diné Week22, Week30, TheRez
          Hagoh Week4
          Mah-gee TheRez
          Mah-gee ah-on si-dah StoneHogan
          (mentioned) Week11, Week17
          Totsohnii Hastiin TheRez
          Tségháhoodzání TheRez
          verb problem StoneHogan
          Yát é Week17
     leaders: Ganado Mucho, Many Horses Week23
     (Many Cattle) Ganado Mucho TheRez
     Nation weeks 21-26, NavaHopi2005, TheRez
     Native American Arts & Crafts Auction Week32
     people Week22
     natural arch NavaHopi2005, MyArch
     Pueblo Colorado Wash TheRez
     rug demo HUTR2005
     rugs Week22, Week32, HUTR2005
     rug types explained HUTR2005, animated display
     Rug within a Rug HUTR2005
     shade hogan (symbolic) TheRez
     rugs Week22, Week32
     sheep Week22
     sheep and cattle "leavings" MyArch
     "Sheep is life." Week22
     Spider Woman HUTR2005
     Spirit Line / Spirit Trail (weaving) HUTR2005
     sweat lodge Week26
     Tree of Life (rug) HUTR2005
     Two Gray Hills (rug) HUTR2005
     warp (weaving) HUTR2005
     weft (weaving) HUTR2005
     weaving Week32, HUTR2005
     wedding baskets Week32, HUTR2005
     weeds, controling invasive Week36
     Window Rock NavaHopi2005, TheRez,
          (directions from) FlutedRock
     Window Rock Tribal Park TheRez
     yarn (made/died) HUTR2005
     Yei (rug) HUTR2005
Nazlini (mentioned) Week11, Week24
     overlook Week26
     painted desert Week24
     petrified forest Week23, Week24
     wash Week24
New Mexico Capitol Building Week19
Nepal (mentioned) Week45
Nimbus Fish Hatchery (inferred) Week42, Week43, Week44
NorCal / Northern California (see also California) Week11, Sacramento,
Norton, (see Emperor above)
Oakland Bay Bridge Emperor Norton-1, Week51Emperor Norton Bridge
obelisk (25%) Sacramento
"occupation sites" Week24
Ogre Katsina TheRez
Old Dry Diggins’ MotherLoadGold
"overhang" above petroglyphs Week25
Oz (unmentioned) Week44
Pacific Grove, CA (mentioned) Week44
Pacific Ocean (mentioned) Week43
Paducah, KY Week11
painted desert Week24
petrified forest (mentioned) Week23, Week24
Petrified Forest National Park (mentioned) Week24
petrified wood Week24, StoneHogan
petroglyphs Week24, Week25
     adzs grooves? Week25
     cat thingie Week24
     contemporary Week24
     coyote Week24
     Drive-by rock art TheRez
      how-to make Week24
     Kokopelli Week24
     "ladder man" or Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal? Week25
     Mickey Mouse Rock art NavaHopi2005, TheRez
     "newspaper rock" Week24
     rabbit Week24
     scorpion? Monkey says no Week25
     space aliens! Week25
     vandalized Week24
placenames MotherLoadGold
Placerville MotherLoadGold
Prague Skyline Week19, Sacramento
prehistoric art gallery (mentioned) Week24, Week25
Pueblo Colorado Wash TheRez
pueblo ruin Week20
pyramid (Hyatt's) Sacramento
Riley Street (Old Folsom) Week52
Road 264 TheRez
road trip, car's final Week44
rock art (see petroglyphs)
Roseville Telephone Museum  Week56
Route 66 Week21
Sacramentans Sacramento
Sacramento Sacramento
     Big Tomato Sacramento
     buildings Sacramento
     Ban Roll-on Building / dome Sacramento
     Capitol Dome Sacramento
     Cathedral Sacramento
     "... close to everything." Sacramento
     cubist turret Sacramento
     Darth Vader Building Sacramento
     dentist's office Week46
     dry heat Sacramento
     Elks Building Sacramento
     forest, urban Sacramento
     groundhogs, none Week3
     Hyatt Sacramento
     Lavinia Waterhouse Week44
     mural on building Week16
     & NorCal Week11
     skyline Sacramento
     spires of Sacramento
     Thermos Bottle Building Sacramento
     Tower Bridge Sacramento
     Tower Records Sacramento
     urban forest Sacramento
     Zoo Week55
Sacto (see Sacramento)
safe trips MotherLoadGold
Sage (mentioned) Week55
San Francisco
     China Town Emperor Norton-1
     (mentioned) Week51
Santa Fe Week18, Week19
     Canyon Road ("art gallary lane") Week18, Week19
     Skyline Week19
Second Mesa TheRez
shade hogan (symbolic) TheRez
Sienna Week55
Sierra Mountains Week55, Airplane, StarParty, StarParty2, Sacramento
Sitsomovi Village (Hopi) TheRez
small potatoes Sacramento
Snowmaiden Katsina TheRez
snowshoeing Week55
SouthWest Tour 2005 NavaHopi2005
space station StarParty
spectacular view FlutedRock
spires Sacramento
Spirit Line / Spirit Trail (weaving) HUTR2005
Stone Hogan (directions to) HUTR2005
Sumatra (mentioned) Week31
SureWest Telephone/Video/Internet Co. Week56
Sutter Street (Old Folsom) Week52
Sydney Opera House (menitoned) Week26
Tahoe, Lake Week55, Sacramento
Thermos Bottle Building Sacramento
Third Mesa TheRez
Three Turkey Ruin Navajo Tribal Park Week25, Revisited, Months/2005plus/NavaHopi2005.htm, TheRez
Three Turkey House [ruin] Week25, Revisited, TheRez
tips, big MotherLoadGold
Tokyo (mentioned for stomping purposes) Week24
Tomato, The Big Sacramento
“tour guide” California MotherLoadGold
tower, antenna Sacramento
Tower Bridge Sacramento
Tower Records Sacramento
towers ruining cityscapes Week19
transporters (don't have) Airplane
trips, safe MotherLoadGold
trophy (heads) Week22
"U.P." Upper Peninsula, MI Biography, Week11, ComputerMuseum
urban forest Sacramento
Vader, Darth Building Sacramento
vista buena Week24
vista Tahoe Week55
volcanic core FlutedRock
volcanic silicates/rocks Week24

a "walk" in the park Week45
warp 9 Week48, HUTR2005
warp drive (don't have) Airplane
warp (weaving) HUTR2005
wealthy companionship MotherLoadGold
weaving HUTR2005
weft (weaving) HUTR2005
Window Rock Week30, NavaHopi2005, TheRez,
     (directions from) FlutedRock
wheel in space TheRez
Window Rock Tribal Park TheRez
Woodlawn Memorial Park, Colma, CA EmperorNortonsGrave
Yellow Brick Road Week44
Yolanda & Ben's baby Grace Week36
Yosemite Sacramento
zoo visit Week54

(duh, like forever)
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