A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
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100° (projected beyond) Week47
50° Week47
A/C (see central heat & air)
afterburners (full throttle) Week47
antique telephones Week56
antique television HDTV
attic Week46
avacados! (2) Week37
backpack, original HubbellTradingPost2005
banana (plants)) (see also Misc: fetishes)
     30' tall Week45
     apple bananas Week28

     Ballett (Busby Berkley's) Week11
     blossom! Week37
     Ballett (Busby Berkley's) Week11
     clones Week30
     daiquiris Week1, Week15
     dessert variety (not) Week36
     frost bitten Week45, Week46
     leaves shredded by storm Week36
     melting after freezing Week46
     mine! (Suleka's) Week35
     poetry Week15
     "talking to"/serenading (with boombox) Week11
     at Thai Basil Week35
     trimmings Week10
     Václav's Week30
     winter Week8
batteries, cylinder (long gone) Week56
bird-of-paradise, protecting from early frost Week45
Black & White television HDTV
blankie, orangutan holds out of Monkey's reach Week54
blower, hot air Week46
"broked," not HDTV
broken circuit Week46
broken tv HDTV
BTUs [Boost Temperature Ups] Week47
Bubble-lights Week49
bug in the ducts, snug as a Week47
bushel and a peck (lyrics) HubbellTradingPost2005
cable, pulling Week9, Week46
cacti Week24, Week25
calla lilies Week13
camellia flowers Week8
carnivorous plants Week31
"Casa de MonkeyBiz" Week55
cattywampus air ducts Week46, Week47
central heat & air dies Week46, Week47
Central Valley (CA) mentioned Week26, hot heat Airplane, Sacramento
chandeliers (none) Week55
chimney StoneHogan
chocolate tree Week31
Christmas decorations & tree Week49
Christmas traditional food Week50
circuit board gone bad Week46, Week56
circuit panel Week46, Week56
citrus blossoms Week13
climbing / pruning grape vine Week2
cocoa Week31
coconut palm Week28
cold Week45, Week46, Week47
computer harddrive conversion iPod, music samples
omputer problems Week38, Week39
computer room Week30, cooling problem Week47
conduit, gray plastic for wires Week46
cooling/heating Week46, Week47
cornstalk (on Navajo rug) HubbellTradingPost2005
corpse flowers (Tabatha & Ted) Week31
couch computer ComputerMuseum
crawlspace under Week47
Cray Computer couch ComputerMuseum
cylinder batteries Week56
decorative theme, Christmas Week49
den furniture (a.k.a. Cray Computer) ComputerMuseum
dental floss (drawer full) Week46
Dolly's yard (see also Friends: Dolly)
door from floppy disk recycled Week48
dry heat Sacramento
"duck" tape Week46
dumpster diving Week33, Week52
dust-bunnies HDTV
dusting (drinking beer) Week2
elm tree drops limb Week27
energy efficiency Week46, Week47, Week56
euryops killed Week27
a faulty unit (or 2) Week46
fiber glass insulation Week46
fiber optic connectivity! Week9
fireplace StoneHogan
floppy disk recycling (into Enterprise) Week47, Week48, ComputerMuseum
florescent light bulb (left on for ya) Week56
flowers Week13, Week24, Week25
flower arranging Week14
fragipani/plumeria in lei Week28
freesias Week13
furniture, none StoneHogan, (livingroom) HDTV
futon, Hagoh's sleeping-fish Week21
     "bleeding" Week46
     drilling extra holes Week47
     line disconnected Week46
     line reconnected Week47
     natural Week46, Week47
     others pay for MotherLoadGold
     shut-off wrench Week46
     moved into house for winter Week45
     red, shell Week28
grapefruit blossoms Week13
hardware, high tech HDTV
hearthers, happy Week50
heat, dry Sacramento
high definition television HDTV
high tech hardware HDTV
greenhouse, moving plants into Week45
heating/cooling Week46, Week47
heliconia (hanging lobster claw) Week28
hot tub against cold Week45
ice plants Week13
inscription over door StoneHogan
insulation in attic Week46
jacket, red Airplane, StarParty2
john (but not what you're thinking) ComputerMuseum
jug, red telescope StarParty2
Kokopelli Week1, Week24, Week55
lemon blossoms Week13
livingroom dust-bunnies / television HDTV
lobster claw heliconia Week28
mantel (fireplace) StoneHogan
mock-orange blossoms Week13
mopping floor Week14
moving plants into greenhouse Week45
niche (in wall) StoneHogan
onion (layers per Ogres) TheRez
orange blossoms Week13
picking oranges Week2
"pickle" Week37
"pillow," laying atop FlutedRock
piney wood(s) FlutedRock
pink woolly stuff in attic Week46
pipes (in new central a/c) Week47
pitcher plants Week31
plastic flowers (see Dolly's yard) Week13
plumeria/fragipani in lei Week28
pomegranates Week37
potatoes, small Sacramento
pressing roses EmperorNortonsGrave
protecting plants from early frost Week45
privacy of one's home computing ComputerMuseum
pruning lemon tree Week8
roof (threat to partially remove) Week46
roses (on Emperor's grave) EmperorNortonsGrave
Russian thistle Week36
saltcedar Week36
saucer (part of star ship USS Enterprise) Week48
scrapbook(ing) EmperorNortonsGrave
screw pine Week28
secret hideout Week30
shade-cloth catastrophe! Week36, Week37
sleeping-fish futon (Hagoh's) Week21
spiders in attic Week46
spindle from floppy disk recycled Week48
spring cleaning HDTV
stand, HDTV HDTV
stars StarParty, StarParty2
stinky plant Week31
SureWest installation Week9, HDTV
sweeping deck Week2
sweeping Hippopotamus-mess (under rug) Week1
swimming pool Week33
telephone magneto Week56
telescope, red jug StarParty2
telescopes StarParty, StarParty2
television (B&W, HDTV) HDTV
thrusters, all not firing Week47
Tomato, The Big Sacramento
Tibetan Rug (dirt swept under) Week1
toothbrush / toothpaste Week46
    chainsaw Week27, Week46
    kitchen or poultry shears Week48
    screwdriver, flathead Week48
    wire cutters Week48
    wrench, gas shut-off Week46
Traveler's Palm Week28
tree limb breaks Week27
tumble weeds Week36
twine belt made Week47
upgrade tv HDTV
v-chip HDTV
wall niche StoneHogan
webstering [cobwebs] Week1
wide screen tv HDTV
wood, piney FlutedRock
woolly stuff in attic Week46
yucca Week24

(duh, like forever)
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