A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Emperor Norton-1
Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico
14 Feb. 1819 - 8 Jan. 1880
You're listening to a sample of Emperor Norton's Hunch by The High Sierra Jazz Band
from their album "Choice Cuts."

Among the Emperor's great deeds was his 23 March 1872 Proclamation that a bridge be built across The Bay linking Oakland & San Francisco. Because he published first, Monkey agrees with those seeking to have the Oakland Bay Bridge properly renamed to:Emperor Norton Bridge.

He also deplored anti-Asian racism and famously stared down a mob of would-be Chinese-bashers who were headed for San Francisco's China Town.
"Huzzah, Norton the First and Righteous!" Opice applauds.

Monkey volunteers to dress up as  the Emp.
Emperor Norton-1, huzzah!

San Franciscans treated Emperor Norton-1 with the respect a Sovereign deserved. When he ate in a restaurant (always for free of, course) the owner would proudly post a sign in the window thereafter: AS APPOINTED TO NORTON-1.

Police saluted him. Citizens bowed/curtsied and he would bestow titles in return for kindness. It is said he originated the expression, "Queen for a day."

"Oh, and he was absolutely loony-tunes. Ya gotta love him," Monkey laughs.

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